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Going High Speed




Graduation project


High Speed Trainstation


Entrecampos, Lisbon



Architect-Urban planner

Alex Neves





Urban railway development by the advent of a new High speed rail


`Mobility on rails is acknowledged to be one of the most sustainable means of transportation between cities and towns. Therefore, a railway stations location in a built environment and its degree of accessibility is essential to reach as many travellers as possible.
However, the spatial configuration of the local street and road net in railway stations vicinity is seldom taken into consideration.`

(van Nes and Stolk, 2010)


In this project research by design was the main method used. Drawing the possibilities and optimizing the potentials lead to the optimal solutions of the problems/questions. The development of the railway area in Lisbon by the advent of a new High Speed Rail (HSR), with the station building as the architectural design, was the graduation project. The scales that were used: Lisbon region, Lisbon city and the HSR station area.