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"You are what you share"

"You are what you share"

I constantly seek opportunities to develop skills necessary to cope with current challenges and opportunities related to spatial issues

About me


My name is Alex Neves. Born and raised in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, with Cape Verdian roots. As a motivated, creative individual growing up in a transformation area, I have always had a strong interest in architecture and urbanism. I witnessed and experienced the development of the area up close, but also followed it from above and looked far beyond. As a student and guide, I accompanied guests from the Netherlands and abroad, to the top of the Euromast with information about Rotterdam's urban structures, places and stories.

Opting for the TU Delft (University of Technology) was therefore an obvious choice. After completing a Bachelor (B.Sc) in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Science, I decided to follow a dual Master track to further improve my skills and knowledge in these fields of study. As a result, I graduated in 2012 from the TU Delft with two masters (M.Sc) in Architecture and Urbanism. For my graduation project, I designed a high speed trainstation of Entrecampos in Lisbon (Portugal), together with a sustainable proposal for the railway area. During this final project, I conducted research using the space syntax method (a method that incorporates elements of the 'new' digital world, such as GIS, GPS and Mobile phone tracking).

“I believe we can best respond to spatial needs by helping people shape their living environment, based on a powerful shared story, and creating sensational moments together.”

ANEVES Architecture & Urbanism

As a starting architect and urban designer, I was eager to apply the knowledge I had acquired. In 2013, I set up ANEVES, my own private firm assisting a variety of clients with projects related to spatial issues. Academically trained in both architecture and urban planning, I implement my knowledge and experience to deliver customized solutions. Now I create new sensational moments for people with their stories by helping them shape and experience their space. I look for the connection between the emotional value for people and the spatial qualities of places. My strength lies in strategic and integral design. My analytical skills allow me to project and map possibilities, thereby coming up with workable solutions to the problems at hand in any given project and scale level. I constantly seek opportunities to develop skills necessary to cope with current spatial challenges and opportunities. In doing so the identity, experience and the users are my main focal points.

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From analytical architect+urban designer to Plekkenmaker

Continuïng my work as analytical architect and urban designer, I am increasingly involved in spatial participation projects. This development has taken more form with the (co-)founding of De Plekkenmakers in 2017. De Plekkenmakers are creative do-ers and analytical thinkers in architecture, urban design, brand- and processmanagement. Each with another perspective connected by a common passion for spatial issues. Places -inside and out- fascinate us. A nice place is more than a pile of stones or a piece of land. It's the people, the history and the stories that give a place identity and inspire us.
De Plekkenmakers are there for anyone who wants something with a place. Governments, real estate and area developers, entrepeneurs, (social) organizations and users who want to turn an existing building or area into a cool place to be. With an authentic founded concept, we design and realize a special place with a story.


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