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Creek village






Vacation house


Biesbosch area




Alex Neves





Design vacation house
For the design of the housing, the experience of the landscape formed a basis for the design. The characteristics of Biesbosch are used and made visible in the building. The matrix shows that there are tree levels which can be defined in the Biesbosch. Each level has its own characteristics. The vacation house also has splitlevels with each their own function. The concept of the house is to have the same kind of experience like when you explore the Biesbosch.

The house has a U-form. This U-form has the same characteristics as the dike in the biesbosch. It is the highest level of the house and is like a border between inside and outside. It is also the only place where you have an overview on the inside areas and the forest around the building. This level can also be seen as protection from the outside and also the water. Once in 20 years the water will be two meters higher then it is now. 

The highest level is on a safe height. The functions on this level are circulation, overview, but also the kitchen, bathroom and sleeping areas can be found here. You can sleep along the facade behind the band window where you have a panoramic view on the forest. The house is open to the water. The backside has a smaller band window. The lower level is the living area. This is were all the activities happen. In the centre of the house there is a fire place on this lower level. A patio is on the same level. The lowest level is the main entrance to the house. The transition of the inside to the outside goes fluently from the living area, threw a patio, to the outside terrace. The outside terrace also has more levels and goes down to the quay where you arrive by boat. The house also collects water and re-uses grey water by filtering it with helofyte filters. The house has roofwindows for extra light and natural ventilation.