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Euromast lobby


Euromast Rotterdam asked me to make a design for the new entrance hall. Focuspoint was the new Front-Office & Reservation counter, and the Euromast shop, while looking into all possibilities concerning theme, circulation, logistics and materialization. 

Lately, the old entrance could not cope with the large flow of visitors, which resulted in congested and chaotic situations. This was strengthened by the meandering guidance threw the souvenir shop in front of the entrance. We made an analysis of the situation and the monument and advised an underpinned interior design, using different models. In close consultation with the management and employees, we designed a new reception counter which improves the guest experience and makes employees work more efficient.

The Euromast itself was the source of inspiration for the design, which includes “het kraaiennest”, the most characteristic form of the Euromast. The form and position of the new counter promotes a natural and clear circulation and guides the guest of the main attraction. Through the use of colors and materials in accordance with the identity and style of the Euromast, an attractive and recognizable entrance hall is designed, marking the start and endpoint of the Euromast experience ( the attraction, Brasserie and the hotelsuites ). The new entrance also offers an accessible layout of the entrance hall with more opportunities for reception and orientation.

In order to increase the attraction value, we suggested a striking color on the inside of the tower and a part of the counter. In this way the entrance of the attraction would be highlighted and given a warm effect. In the end we decided to create the contrast with different use of material for the counter and adding color by using LED lighting.






Euromast Horeca BV


Entrance hall and shop


Parkhaven, Rotterdam




Alex Neves, Reggy Hulsken, Jeroen Elfering

Interior builder:

Heite interieurbouw