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Vision & strategic project


Landport region



Architect-Urban planner

Alex Neves






The Netherlands can be divided into three main ports: The seaport, the airport and the landport.

As a rich and varied tourist area, the Landport region will get a new identity. This new identity will be used to attract tourists and to maintain the valuable characterization of the region, which exists of valuable nature and the typical Dutch towns and landscapes.
In 2040 this tourist centre, called Triport, will attract an abundance of national and international visitors.
The foreign visitors will arrive on Schiphol and Lelystad airport and can take the new shuttle train to Almere, which will be an international, independent, modern city by then. From there tourists can take a daytrip to Amersfoort. With its new large museum and its old center, Amersfoort will become a big tourist attraction on an international scale. Almere and Amersfoort will both grow to be larger cities and Almere will even have the possibility to become a world city.
Tourist centre Triport has more to offer for national tourists from the Randstad as well. The nature of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug is in good shape because of new ecoducts and new motorways that make it possible to go around it.
The variety of different landscapes and cultural-historical elements is now very accessible with the new lightrail connection. People can even take their boats and spend the night in the new largest recreational harbor and leisure center in the Netherlands in the Loosdrechtse Plassen. With a new canal this harbor is well connected with the Utrechtse heuvelrug.