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Going High Speed

Urban railway development by the advent of a new High speed rail


Urban project: Entrecampos
The urban proposal seeks to logically connect with the existing structure, where the station occupies a central place. New cohesion has been provided in the public space. The vacant area is now visible from other locations, by created sightlines. The places where lines of sight cross eachother, have become new hotspots and created an integrated network combined with the existing hotspots. The station area plays an important role, centrally located on one of these intersections. Thanks to the new routing through the integrated network, pedestrians will be more likely to use these routes to reach other places. These routes enhance the sight lines and the new network of hotspots offers the desired coherent whole.
The new location of the HSR station is favorably  situated in the primary business district of Lisbon, near the ring road and the historic center. The new underground train station is placed next to the current station of Entrecampos. This place makes it possible to develop the new station in phases. On the other hand, a hub will be created by linking the current underground metro station of Entrecampos to the new railway station and underground parking. The advantage of an underground station is the ability to have more entrances on the most favorable places.





Graduation project


High Speed Trainstation


Entrecampos, Lisbon



Architect-Urban designer

Alex Neves