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Sjanghailaan 96, 3067 MH Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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Boutique hotel




Final bachelor project


Small design hotel


Eendrachtsweg, Rotterdam




Alex Neves






The task was designing a hotel in the centre of Rotterdam. The emphasis was placed on the development of a chamber and its immediate surroundings.

The Maas city Rotterdam has become a multicultural society. The aim was to translate this fact in the hotel. The concept for the multicultural hotel, was based on typologies. The hotel consist of four types of chambers. Each with another cultural typology. Authenticity is the objective. The targetgroups are among others the citizens of Rotterdam who can get to know each other’s culture. Furhtermore the objective was attracting tourists to show Rotterdam as a multcultural society.

During the development of the concept I kept my preconditions. I was  consciously in search of usefull elements within the preconditions.

An emportant issue during the process, was finding a good basis for the chambers. It is usefull to skillfully use a filter and refining the elements which you consider to be necessary, to keep you from taking over all elements of excisting typologies. This way you have the elements left which are necessary to show what you want to make visible.
The most challenging, for the design on the basis of typologies, was forming a unity between the elements, which were approached separately at first. As a whole i had to adapt them to eachother. The method i used were subtle adaptations in the facades and the materialisation. Also the circulation is an important connecting element. To connect the designhotel to the multicultural society of Rotterdam, I adapted the space of the chambers, to the size of the population groups.