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Re-use Visafslag





RAZ Projectteam

Alex Neves

Hugo Schoemaker

Martin Janssen

Tjitske van Erp


Best project nomination


Master plan
In the master plan a number of topics form the basis. The most important topics are: Tourism, recreation and green.
Tourism within the port must not become an extension of the boulevard tourism. Particularly the port’s own identity and the occupations must be preserved.
The area is better accessible from the outside, by means of a tram line nearby. There are routes introduced only for cyclists and pedestrians. Within the plan you can find a central car park on the northern harbor. The industry has been compressed around the 1st port. There are extra hotel and catering industry supplies around the expanded yacht-harbor. Also the shopping promenade has been expanded. On the northern harbor a hotel has been placed and a small theatre. The extreme expansion of the ‘duin’ area ensures large recreation possibilities. You can find the combination of entertainment and sport within this area.

On the northern harborpart the fish industry disappears and a great living area will emerge with lots of green.
The Visafslag building has an autofree green area on the North side with among other things sport supplies. On the south side lies the water of the first port. The Visafslag building can be reached from the street, the raised square and from the duin between the building which is situated against the duin. From the duin you are able to see the water, because a number of parts of the Visafslag building have been made transparent and one part even entirely open.