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The Tivoli complex originated in the thirteenth century and has a high monumental and cultural value, thanks to the medieval monastic remains and the many uses, from cloister and orphanage to association building and pop venue.

The city of Utrecht is a dynamic city and the New Tivoli is an ideal place to start you journey threw the medieval city centre. The diversity of the urban fabric is a strong quality of the city, combined with a wide range of programs and activities. This diversity and complexity is integrated In the design proposal for the Tivoli complex, which is reflected in a diverse program for stays, shopping, working and recreation. Tivoli will now be part of major routes and tourist trips through the center of Utrecht. Throughout time, Tivoli had different functions, which were adapted to different users. Permanent temporariness is a recurring theme and in this design an important starting point. The large hall and public courtyards play an important role here.


The complex has a safe and cosy quality. Connecting the courtyards with the main hall will strengthening the dynamic program. The courtyard and the large room are suitable to accommodate different types of programs and will therefore be adaptable in time.
The concept is based on the operation of a shopping mall for (creative) entrepreneurs, where innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship are main focus points. The introverted character of the complex is considered valuable for creating a unique hotspot in the city. This new hotspot will symbolize the small scale and diversity on this edge of the city centre.





Idea Competition


Transformation monument


De Oudegracht, Utrecht


Alex Neves, Timothy Duin, Nils van der Waal, Sham Lachman