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Going High Speed

Urban railway development by the advent of a new High speed rail


Architectural design: Station Entrecampos
The image of the new station is striking entrances in a ‘regular’ city block with a ‘plinth’ of urban facilities and office spaces as ‘mass’ on top. The new station has four entrances, two of which are prominent on the street. These two entrances are cut out of the building mass as large gates. To reveal the station in the city, to be an important public building on a striking position, the adjacent block is functionally (by means of a bus station) and visually connected to the station in question.
Placing the railway underground raises the question of the identity of the new station Hall. It should create a connection between the station and the city, but is entirely indoor. The station is on ground level designed as an urban center with public functions oriented to the city outside and the entrances to the station inside. This gives the station the quality of both a node and place. The city will continue in the station, which is is further emphasized by extending the typical Portuguese pattern of streets to the inside. The interior space is divided into two parts, each with its own destination. The station in the center of the block, with the floor on level -2, is constructed as an eight stories high atrium. The central void is defined by a concrete grid construction and a glass roof. The concrete, with visible junctures of the elements, gives the station a robust look.


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Graduation project


High Speed Trainstation


Entrecampos, Lisbon



Architect-Urban designer

Alex Neves