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Dreamlab at Recreavak was warmly welcomed!


The distinctive value of ID&Architecture (IDNA) was translated into a Dreamlab. Dreams were captured by walking around starting dialogues and interracting with visitors ( even fellow exhibitors) simply by asking about their dreams.

Many people, remarkably, walked around with dreams, of which they often were not even aware. This approach proved to be an eye-opener for visitors by having serious thought about what they were actually looking for.

The enthusiastic members of IDNA were able to inspire almost anyone by digging deeper in their dreams and finding connections and opportunities that were not yet considered.

The Dreamlab of IDNA is the core session in a series of constructive workshops, where opportunities and ambitions are defined. Dreams will be spatially visualized and realized in close collaboration with the client, threw the IDentity and DNA of the assignment and a tightly organised process.

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