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65 on site & 10 online, a hybrid workshop!

On February 10, I facilitated a co-creative session in a hybrid form for 75 interdisciplinary students (Architecture, Integral Security, International Business and Entrepreneurship & Retail Management) from Avans Hogeschool Den Bosch. 10 students actively participated on Teams.

The central theme was increasing the function of place in the public space. This spring, the students will carry out a number of assignments from the municipality of Den Bosch. “In the current development of polarization, increasing us and them thinking, it is crucial that people meet each other.”

It was great that we were able to have nice physical interaction again in a creative, connecting and stimulating work environment. The teachers were also enthusiastic and had been tired of home education for some time.

Nice words from the teachers: “We see so many interesting leads in your story and working method, aimed at creating with the environment, which is very inspiring for and easy to implement by the students. Hopefully they pick up a lot from that!”

Afterwards, we brainstormed for a while about how we could help students further in their projects in the future.


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