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Take a look at the extended Badhotel Renesse

Villa Noordzee will open this summer on the Zeeland coast. The hotel with wellness facilities and eleven contemporary suites is part of Badhotel Renesse.

The new front building of Villa Noordzee is characterized by an asymmetrical entrance cut-out over 3 floors, iconic wooden elements in the stairwell and spacious balconies that ensure that the hotel and the two villas become one. The application of a wooden herringbone pattern creates a horizontal line that is continued rhythmically, on all sides and angles. With the addition of large glass fronts on the south side, the connection between inside and outside is strengthened and the view of the garden and swimming pool is increased. The herringbone pattern can also be found in the interior.

E.S.T.I.D.A. did the interior, bringing the Zeeland culture back into the rooms, in a boutique-like way. They took images of modern Zeeland as their starting point and realized rooms, each with its own color scheme, such as ocher yellow, silver gray and coral red. For the details a Zeeland artist made panels with oysters and mussels, but not in a traditional way.


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