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Thinking about a new Brokant house

“In real estate the emphasis is often on technology or the process and not on people. It's great that people are allowed to contribute ideas in the development of this concept," said an elderly lady of over 70 who walked out on Friday.

We organized a brainstorming afternoon with De Plekkenmakers for Brokant. Here I am with a lady of well over 90, who helped with the concept. Initiator Caroline Coumans wants to realize a Brokanthuis with apartments for the elderly who want to keep control and share facilities.

More than 60 interested neighbours, professionals and relations contributed ideas about the concept, the floorplans and possible facilities of this sub-concept. And what a clever comment from the older lady. It showed us again that there is still a lot to gain from developing concepts and thinking from the users' point of view.


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